Financial Planning Guide for International Students

Expense Category Estimated Annual Cost (AUD)
Tuition Fees $___________
Living Expenses $___________
Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) $___________
Course Materials $___________
Personal Expenses $___________
Total Estimated Expenses $___________

Instructions for Students:

  1. Fill in the estimated annual cost for each expense category based on your specific circumstances and location.
  2. Be sure to research and find out the exact tuition fees for your course of study at your chosen university.
  3. For living expenses, consider factors like accommodation type, location, and your spending habits.
  4. Calculate the Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) cost based on your chosen provider and coverage duration.
  5. Estimate the cost of course materials, such as textbooks, based on your program’s requirements.
  6. Factor in personal expenses like entertainment, clothing, and occasional travel.
  7. Calculate the total estimated expenses by summing up all the costs.
  8. Use this Financial Matrix as a reference to create a detailed budget for your time in Australia.